Advising in the Fast-Lane

Online Advisors at the Online Support Center are continually looking for new ways to promote online learning. In an effort to find new ways to deliver information regarding online education, advisors have launched new webinars for prospective and current students called “High-Speed Advising” events. Adapted from similar campus-based events, these events are hosted by an Online Advisor via WebEx to relay information in a speedy format.

Each event features a guest speaker who can offer expert advice on the webinar topic. Events are free and typically last under 30 minutes.  Guests can join the event online, by telephone, or both. While no questions are taken during the event, Online Advisors do make TinyChat rooms available for attendees to log onto after the event to ask questions and chat with advisors or speakers.

For prospective online learners, Online Advisors offer events featuring information on:

  • Enrolling in online programs and degrees (i.e. specific curriculum and career information)
  • Determining online college readiness
  • Preparing to finance college

For current online learners, Online Advisors offer events featuring information on:

  • Changing program requirements (for Distance Minnesota programs only)
  • Using online resources and tools

Previously recorded events have highlighted information regarding online degrees in the Energy field, using an online personal portfolio (eFolio), and more.

To aid in better preparing prospective students for online courses, as well as retaining current students in online programs and/or degrees, Online Advisors are preparing to expand these High-Speed Advising events to incorporate tips for college success, including “soft skills” required by online learners.  In addition, Online Advisors plan to increase event offerings to include evening and weekend webinars for attendee convenience.

Learn more about these High-Speed Advising events sponsored by Minnesota Online or sign up today for an upcoming event!

Contributor: Nicole Seifert, Online Student Advisor


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