Military Education Benefits and Services

Created in 2006, the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs Higher Education Veterans Programs connects Veterans, Service Members, and their families with educational benefits and services available to help them succeed in college. As part of the program’s valuable resources, was developed to offer information about military education benefits, Minnesota higher education institutions, and related issues from an experienced and professional support term.  Support services include:

  • 24/7 access to answers to over 250 “Frequently Asked Questions”
  • 7 day a week telephone assistance from support staff at 1.888.LINKVET (546.5838)
  • 7 days a week live-time help via web chat with support staff

At an individual can also be connected with other program services such as the Higher Education Veterans Programs Regional Coordinators and Veterans Resource Centers.

Higher Education Veterans Programs Regional Coordinators are able to assist Veterans, Service Members, and families with questions and concerns regarding military education benefits and attending college at any higher educational institution in Minnesota. They are an important resource and can also assist in connecting to important campus contacts (i.e., certifying officials, transfer specialists, admissions, counselors, etc.). View an Interactive Map to locate the Regional Coordinator at any Minnesota higher education institution.

Veterans Resource Centers are now located on many college and university campuses in Minnesota. These centers are staffed by campus personnel, volunteers, and MDVA Higher Education Veterans Program Regional Coordinators and provide a welcoming and supportive environment for Veterans, Service Members and their families. Check with an individual college or university for the location and office hours of a Veterans Resource Center.

Contributor: Jennifer Parta Arno, Military Education Counselor


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